Thursday, April 24, 2008

More of my recent work.

I named this one Jasmine. A lovely gold color- was going to be a custom online order that fell through. She turned out gorgeous, though.


Bodice closeup:


This is a pre-made ballerina, and I loved putting the princess touches on it.


This teal beauty was a custom order. The dragonfly on the bodice really finishes her off nicely.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been doing most of my business locally. I put advertising magnets on my car(which Michael gets crap for when he drives, but he puts up with them in hopes I'll sell enough to keep my spending habits from bankrupting us!

This is a local custom order- pink sparkly bodice

This is a custom order for a friend. Gave one to her as a baby shower gift, and her older daughter loved it so much, she had to have one too, in her fave color- light blue. I named this ballerina Star.

I may post a couple more later..

Welcome to my little shop blog!

I figured I needed a spot to talk about my creations, progress, etc. I haven't been putting many new ballerinas on etsy, as I'm rather disappointed by the responses. Yes, I've sold some ballerinas & hairclips, but the custom orders can be tedious, time consuming, expensive in materials, and not guaranteed sales.

Some of the slow sales can certainly be attributed to my poor quality pictures. Everyone who has ever looked at the online shop and then received one of my ballerinas have exclaimed how much more beautiful they are in person. I know this and am trying to come up with a solution.

I've been looking into photo boxes to evenly distribute the correct amount of soft white light onto a product. Many are expensive, and I've already invested a lot into my little business. I did find a DIY macro photo studio on Strobist and I'm going to try it before turning to more expensive options.