Monday, September 8, 2008

Upcoming projects:


I've been pretty busy. I haven't been making tons of ballerina bow holders lately, but have been working on increasing my hairclip collection.

I've been making more of my Kutie Korkers, and with football season here, have been making a collection of team color Kutie Korkers.

I have been approached for several giveaways. I am all for giveaways, but am trying to get my new website up and running first. With a lack of product shown on etsy these days, it's harder to get real exposure or interest. I need an actual shop where I can display all of my work. So there will some Ballerina Bow Holder giveaways on some prominent blogs in the near future. :) I just have to get back to work on (not active yet!).

I am also getting ready for my first local craft fair. I am starting out small, as it's my first one, and I'm not sure of the reception or profitability of fairs for my products, yet. I'm optimistic, and as long as I get the vendor fees back in sales, I'll be fine with putting all the effort into it.

To all of my fellow small business owners: what has been your most effective form of marketing? Do you seek out your niche market, or promote to the general public?